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Carbon-14 Radiosynthesis
Radiosynthesis is a marriage of science and art. It requires extensive training, multiple years project experience, and understanding of when and where on the molecule a "hot" atom should be introduced to minimize the synthetical cost and maximize the compound stability.
Our highly skilled and experienced radiochemists will work closely with you at every step of development to ensure all your project requirements are met in a timely manner.
We offer carbon-14 labeled radiochemicals, custom radiosynthesis and radiolabeling services for research community. We guarantee prompt quotation response (~48 hours), fast delivery (~4 weeks), high purity (>98%) and low price (10% less).
ChemDepo respects the confidentiality commonly associated with custom contract synthesis. We will be happy to sign a formal confidentiality agreement with your organization.
Start your project by filling out Quote Request and fax it to us at (805)482-7401.